At Health Wise Chiropractic we offer the following to help you achieve your health goals!

1.Hicaps for on the spot claiming.

2. Affordable Care: We have the lowest priced care at $47.

3.Book online 24/7.

4.Loyalty Cards for 50% off  on your 10th visit($45).

5.Plenty of access to parking and Public Transport.

6.No out of pocket expenses for TAC, Workcover or Department of Veteran Affairs.

7.We expand from traditional care by using ultrasound machines, G5 Massagers to help inflammed muscles heal quicker.

How We Differ From Other Clinics

We understand that to get the most out of life we have to live life to the fullest. So we make the adjustments fun by having lots of events throughout the year that makes us famous in the area!  

These Include

Easter Competitions

AFL Footy tipping Competitions

Christmas Party

Grand Final Breakfast

Halloween Competitions

Melbourne Cup Competitions

Referal Competitions

Welcome To The Bundoora Clinic

Office 1 12-14 Mcleans Road (opposite Bundoora Square)

Bundoora Clinic Opening Hours

Sunbury Clinic Opening Hours

Monday Closed


Wednesday:  Closed  

Thursday: .30-6.30pm

Friday: 2.30-6.30pm

Saturday:  Closed

Sunday Closed

Exercise: With our exclusive videos on strengthening and stretching programs, we help patients achieve their health goals quicker!

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