Dr. Julian Simpson    


Dr. Julian Simpson( Chiropractor) grew up in Sunbury(3429) from a very young age and was privileged to attend School at Goonawarra Primary school, Our Lady of Mt Carmel and Salesian Collage Sunbury 3429

He has been treating families in Sunbury with chiropractic adjustments since graduating in 2010. Being the local Chiropractor in Sunbury and Bundoora brings great joys and responsibilities. He is always educating the people in Sunbury and Bundoora about Chiropractic by giving health information in local gyms and shops and writing a opinion piece in the local Sunbury Newspaper about Chiropractic and how it can help you and your families health.

The Chiropractor took over the Bundoora (3083) practice in late 2010. Since then has given talks to local Bundoora residents about Chiropractic in the gyms at the Reservoir Leisure centre and Genesis fitness club.

Educating local communities in Sunbury(3429) and Bundoora (3083) about Chiropractic in my passion and love. Chiropractors can help so many in Bundoora and Sunbury to achieve optimal health through natural and safe Chiropractic adjustments.

Welcome To Health Wise Chiropractic: A message from Dr. Julian Simpson(Chiropractor)

Dear Friends:

You have probably been seeking to finally rid yourself of neck and back pain, or you may have other debilitating conditions that you want relief from. We here offer assistance in the form of no drugs or surgery and invasive procedures

Our aim is to optimise muscle and organ function through a optimally functioning nervous system by removing vertebral subluxations from your spine.

I would love to give you a warm welcome to our unique, integrative state of the art Chiropractic centers. Chiropractic has been my life's passion since i was first adjusted when i was just 14!

We treat every patient like a VIP with special treatment programs for your unique condition such as herniated discs, sciatica, low back pain, neck pain, fibromyaglia, headaches, migraines, carpal tunnel, scoliosis, arthritis, frozen scolder and much more!

We aim to get to the source of your ill health by providing you with safe and proven therapies to eliminate the underlying problem.

So feel free to call or book online today to experience just how good you can feel with chiropractic today!


Dr. Julian Simpson(Chiropractor)

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