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The team at Health Wise Chiropractic have been serving the community since 2010. Our vision is to educate, check and adjust as many families as possible towards optimal health through natural chiropractic care.

Health Wise Chiropractic aims to offer the best service at the best price for families in Sunbury, Bundoora and other surrounding suburbs.

Looking For the Cause

At Health Wise Chiropractic, we aim to uncover the source of your problem, whether it be neck pain, shoulder pain, back and hip pain, we want to resolve it and prevent it from re -occuring and enable your body to be empowered and for you to take control of your health!

Experienced Custom Tailored Care:

Everyones story is different, thats why we focus on your individual needs and assess how we can help you achieve optimal health. We focus on the five pillars of wellness being:

Water: Making sure our patients have the minimum of 2 litres daily to encourage muscle growth and developement.

Nutrition: Decreasing sugar which causes inflammation in the body.

Exercise: With our exclusive videos on strengthening and stretching programs, we help patients achieve their health goals quicker!

Community: It's important to surround yourself with postive people! Follow us on facebook for some uplifting quotes to make your day that little more special.

Proper functioning nervous system. Our job is to enable the brain to have proper communication with your bodies muscles and organs.

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